Finally, Sunshine!

I don’t know about you all, but we certainly enjoy life a little more when the weather is nice. I feel less pressured about making sure we are DOING and find it easier to simply let them BE. Unstructured days lead to some of the best learning days.

When we can take our time to go through the day as we please, the moments become slower, the breaths we are taking become deeper, and life becomes more meaningful and full of growth.

So far we have had almost a full week of warmth. After the damp, cold spring we have had thus far, it was welcome. Gannon, Waverly, and even Egan helped plant the seedlings in the soil. Gannon has made it his sole duty to water our vegetable babies. Waverly has been role playing with her dolls every moment she gets so she was happy to finally set up the pool so she could do swim lessons with them. We have gone on bike rides and walks, helped work with the backhoe, play golf, and play baseball.

We went to a baseball game this week, which was great for teaching some more extended number recognition. We used the players jerseys to talk about who was at bat, who was in the outfield, and who was pitching. We also sang songs, clapped along, and they learned the rules of playing a team sport. For a 5 and 3 year old, their attention to the details of the game was surprising, even to me. They also learned how delicious french fries are while sitting in the sun and watching a ball game.

They have played in the mud, made “meals” in their play kitchen with ingredients from nature, collected feathers and tried to identify the birds (lots of chicken feathers around our property), and today they collected some shells from the lake. They all did some painting this week too, which was great since the art walls needed refreshing. This morning they also got out the binoculars to identify a far off bird that was perched on a branch. Gannon thought it may be a hawk, since there is often a red-tailed sitting there, but it turned out to be a Cedar Waxwing.

We shall see what the next few days bring! I’m hoping some rain. I’d really like to jump in some puddles.


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