A week in the life…

IMG_0684IMG_0698One of Egan’s favorite ways to start the day is helping Paul with the chickens in the morning. Paul puts him in the backpack and off they go. Egan loves the chickens and is delighted with each movement they make. He especially loves when they run out of the coop in the morning.

We seIMG_0701em to have a lot of fun with painting. Gannon told me recently that he likes to paint when he is sad because it makes him feel better. It made me want to give him all the painting supplies in the entire world. He is so creative and it shows when he is in the moment. His concentration is unbelievable and his desire to keep on going is such a wonderful sight for me, as his mom to see.



And then there is Egan, master climber. He loves to do things like this, climbing where he really shouldn’t be to get to things he really wants. He is very careful in his climbing. Cautious and calculated. He falls mostly when he is tired but still, I’m nearby just in case. There is no stopping this one!



Thursday was my birthday. We went to our favorite place for story time. Luckily, a good friend of mine was able to join us to lend a hand. They love exploring this farm. They have lots of gardens and animals. Gannon even drew an ant for an employee who was helping with story time and handed it to her without my assistance. He is growing wonderfully in this direction and I couldn’t be more proud. Egan loves the baby chicks hanging out in the brooder, Waverly loves the lambs, Gannon likes all of the animals, and I love the baby goats. Someday we will have goats of our very own. Oh, and bees. They have this great observation hive. I’m hoping the more interest Waverly shows in the hive, the more appreciation she will gain and the less fear she will have. Gannon loves the loom and uses it each time we go. It is a beautiful piece and seeing him using it brings me much joy.

We have had a fox tormenting our chickens so one thing we have needed is a more sound chicken pen installed. Finally, some holes were dug and some posts inserted in the holes. There is still a lot of work to do. Egan was happy to watch the tractor and unroll all of the string used for laying out the borders. Gannon and Waverly helped with the tape measure and watched the tractor dig the holes. They are learning a lot of lessons in these household chores!

This is a view into the things we have done this week with many other small things in between. Going to swim class, doing gymnastics, playing with water, learning about dinosaur fossils, learning about new creatures on Wild Kratts, and reading books. Playing in the sand box. Meeting new people. Talking to neighbors. Selling backyard eggs.

Each day brings new opportunities for learning. It doesn’t stop for us, as adults, so it is important to set a healthy foundation. Loving to learn is a quality that will carry them well in life. Being able to see them experience all of this is a gift for us.


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