Sewing a Special Gift

I’ve been waiting to post this one since March. My mom came over to help my kids sew a special blanket for a friend who is having a baby. Her baby shower was today and she has received her gift so now I’m in the clear to post this without ruining her surprise.

They measured the fabric, cut it to length, and pinned it down. My mom had a great amount of patience during this project because of course there were lots of questions and excitement which can make instructions hard to follow. They loved pinning the fabric. Minky is pretty slippery so there were lots of pins. Gannon did most of the sewing with pretty limited instruction. Waverly even had a turn at the machine and she did great stopping when she reached a pin. They learned about the right side of the fabric, watching fingers with sharp needles, how to change a bobbin and thread. They helped turn the blanket right, then sewed the opening closed and continued to finish up the blanket. It wasn’t a quick project, it took a lot of concentration and patience on their parts too but they did it! (Thanks, Grammy!)

I was so proud to give this blanket to my childhood friend. From my first to her first. I hope that she will enjoy it for many years. Gannon and Waverly came to the baby shower with me so that they could see her open it. They were very proud of themselves and happy to give her the gift.

Someday, I will have time to learn to sew, and they just may be the ones to teach me.


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