Dr. Seuss Week

We had a great week celebrating Dr. Seuss! Every day we did a different projected based on one of the books written by him. It was interesting to see how the kids responded to a theme for the week. We haven’t done much directed learning so this was different than what they are used to. Gannon seemed to enjoy most days as did Waverly. They each had one day where they didn’t feel much like playing along but that is better than what I had expected.

On Monday we read The Cat in the Hat and decorated hats. Most projects I’ve seen are pretty specific in that the hats look like the one in the book. I like to deviate from the norm in almost all things so here are the kids hats, decorated as they wished. Waverly’s hat is on the left and Gannon’s is the right. They used markers, glitter markers, washi tape, tissue paper, and colored pencils to decorate their hats.

On Tuesday it was Waverly’s birthday so we did two projects. We read The Lorax and I provided them the tools to make a scene of Truffula Trees.

This was the day Gannon didn’t want to participate. Waverly’s scene is on top, Gannon’s on bottom. She thought her trees should be flying, I guess! We followed up this craft with baking and decorating her birthday cake. Usually we get a cake from a baker but she wanted to make her own. It was much more fun this way.

We read Happy Birthday To You while decorating the cake. She did most of it on her own and luckily I’m the one who ended up with the eggshells and not any of our family who came to celebrate with us.

On Wednesday we read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. They decorated fish with similar materials as the hats. They both really enjoyed this project. Waverly’s (left) was decorated mostly with glitter markers and Gannon (right) loved the fish he created using tissue paper with glitter markers.


Thursday was Dr. Seuss’s ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book. This was one of Gannon’s first favorite books so I was excited to use it. We kept the project pretty simple.First they painted with watercolors on a plain piece of paper. I used a stencil and cut out the letters of their names for them to glue on their paintings. While we were waiting for the pages to dry, they used alphabet stamps and stamped paper. Then we glued their names to their paintings. Gannon worked diligently to obtain the result he was happiest with. This was the day Waverly wasn’t feeling up for doing much. Instead of stamping paper she stamped her arms, legs, and face but she did help me glue the letters on her painting.

Friday we read Horton Hatches the Egg. We had gotten a delivery of diapers and had a nice big box that the kids turned into a nest. They sat in the box as I read the story. Then I used tracing paper to trace a page out of the book for them to color. Never having done a themed week before, I was pretty tired from the projects so we kept it even more simple than the previous day.

Saturday there was an event at our local library to celebrate Dr. Seuss. We ended the week there for story time with the one and only Cat in the Hat. The kids each received a ticket for a free book so we left with three new Dr. Seuss books we hadn’t yet read. It is a pretty great excuse to spend the morning at the library meeting new friends.

We had a lot of fun celebrating Dr. Seuss over the week and I am loving the new additions to our dining room wall. It makes me so happy to see their artwork displayed!






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