When Gannon was around two years old, we enrolled him in gymnastics at a local gym. The kids can start the follow me class around eighteen months of age. At this level a parent goes in with the enrolled child to help navigate the courses. This class was so wonderful, when Waverly was of age to join we enrolled her as well. Egan will be following in their footsteps too.

Gannon has moved up through the follow me class, then through the preschool level, and just finished his first session of the kindergarten level. The last half of the last class in the session, parents are allowed in the gym to watch them “show off”. I have been watching Gannon progress through the class from afar (parents are allowed to watch from the observation room but they aren’t allowed in the gym) and was excited to be able to see his skills closer.

He is very strong and they tell us after each class that he does very well. He has never had an audience of people watching him so I wasn’t sure how he would react to that. He did the courses but was very silly. I think he was partly anxious, partly excited, and partly unsure. It was fun for me to see the things he has been practicing on our couch being done on the equipment in the gym.

Waverly is in the preschool level now. They have told us they see a lot of potential in her. She is very strong and can learn the obstacles quickly. I love to see her doing things that are seemingly beyond her level and watching her excel makes me very proud.

Gymnastics has provided the kids with such an amazing foundation. Since they don’t attend school and have never been in a formal setting in which they need to follow direction or be patient, it serves them the opportunity to learn some other skills that will be important in their future. Each week I see them sitting patiently, waiting for their turn, and doing the obstacles with little trouble. It makes me feel fortunate to give them this gift, as costly as it is, because their growth is astounding.


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