Valentine’s Day Craft

I have fond memories of making crafts for Valentine’s Day. I loved making them in school to bring home for my parents. It is a great excuse to spend time doing a craft with intention and I was glad the kids enjoyed doing this one. They were very excited to create something for their cousins. Here’s what we did:

I found these sticky foam stickers and attached them to spatulas.


We used paint brushes to apply glittery paint to the stickers and then stamped our cardstock.

img_3568   img_3573

Then the kids decorated the cards with the foam stickers once the paint was dry.

img_3843   img_3842

They had so much fun with this. If we do it again in the future, I will not prefold the cards. It made it tricky to stamp with the spatula without it sliding all over the place because the paper wouldn’t lie flat. Other than that, the kids really enjoyed using the different art supplies to create something to send to their favorite people.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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