Movie Learning

It is tough to stay busy while stuck inside. With a teething toddler clinging to my side, I have to get extra creative when it comes to keeping the other two happy. I’m not ashamed to say some days this means we watch more movies than normal.

For a couple of weeks their favorite movie was The Jungle Book. They had so much fun with this movie. We are working through reading the book now that we have watched the movie at least ten times. Movies are a wonderful tool for learning. Gannon has been asking questions as we read through the book because there are many differences between the book and the movie. In the movie, Shere Kahn is a “bad guy” and that became the focal point for both Gannon and Waverly. They didn’t understand why he wanted to kill Mowgli. This led to a lot of conversations about the food chain, the way of the jungle, the role of different creatures in nature, and the dangers of fire. Not only did it open the lines of discussion on a variety of topics, the role play surprised me.

Gannon and Waverly would run like wild around the house, pretending to be Mowgli. They jumped, they climbed, they hid. They created their own sort of cave to mimic Baloo’s home. They pretended to gather honey, to run from Shere Kahn, to be howling wolves. They made temples from blocks and gathered all the animals they saw in the movies and replayed scenes. We have a basket full of assorted animals and most of the animals in the movie were present. Strings from sewing cards became vines for climbing and many objects around the house turned into trees, including a dog crate.

We moved from The Jungle Book to Dolphin Tale. This movie had areas for learning as well and a character who was homeschooled! We talked about the importance of helping creatures when they are in trouble, friendship, and how we can accomplish a difficult task when we work together. They learned about prosthetic body parts and how people as well as the dolphin benefit from the use of them. They used all their aquatic animals to role play, filling pans with water and splashing as the dolphins do. This went on in the bathtub as well. We talked about safe fishing practices as well since the dolphin was injured due to a fisherman and their crab trap.

Egan joined in on some of the fun too and we practiced making animal noises to go along with the animal toys. His favorite is a fish face followed by a kiss.

Today, with all the snow dumping down on us, we may be watching another movie. Maybe something fun, maybe something serious, maybe a documentary. Or maybe, we will get outside to play in the snow.



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