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One of our favorite pastimes is watching birds. Waverly gifted Gannon a bird feeder for Christmas and it has proven to be a great addition to our tree. They have loved birds from a very early age. Gannon can identify more birds than I can; sometimes I actually need to ask him what type of bird I’m looking at. Each year we use our Christmas tree to create a habitat for the birds. Waverly loves cardinals. Gannon prefers birds of prey and can often spot red-tailed hawks and bald eagles before anyone else. Egan enjoys watching the birds too and can be found looking out of this window alongside his brother and sister. In the photo the kids are looking up our backyard birds in their National Geographic Bird guide.

We see a lot of blue jays, chickadees, tufted titmice, cardinals, as well as nuthatches, juncos, and mourning doves. My favorite is the red-bellied woodpecker that frequents the feeder.

Do you have a favorite bird or enjoy watching them as much as we do? I dream of being able to soar and see the world as they do.


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