Welcome to Honeybird Homeschool! Thank you for joining us on our journey. We are a family of five. We love watching our children learn from life experiences and want to continue teaching them things they interested in learning when they are most interested. Spending time as a family is the most important thing to us as parents and homeschooling is one way we can all be together. We strive to maintain a simple and slow life rather than a rushed one. Below, you can find an introduction to each of us.

Tristan: I am the mom. I love to garden, read, scrapbook, take photos, and write. I knew that I wanted homeschooling to be our next step when we had our first child. Watching him learn and grow provided me with more joy than I had ever experienced.

Paul: I am the dad. I am a plumber by trade but love my role as father more than anything. I love mountain biking and motocross, working with my hands, and gardening. I enjoy teaching the things I’ve learned over the years to our children.

Gannon: I am the first born. I am almost five years old. I love being active; Riding my bike, playing golf, throwing a ball around, gymnastics, and playing on the swingset. I am artistic and enjoy making projects and painting. I have always loved having books read to me and could read all day. I love to work in the garden, watch motocross, operate a backhoe, and play in dirt piles. I also enjoy building with Legos and blocks.

Waverly: I am the second born. I am just about three years old. I know what I want and won’t let anyone stand in my way. I love being active just like my older brother. I like to go for walks, ride my bike, run, play on the swingset, and do gymnastics. I am starting to enjoy sitting still for stories now too. I enjoy doing art projects. My favorite place to be is outside (as long as my hands don’t get too cold). I enjoy climbing dirt piles, jumping from high places, chasing our chickens, and helping my dad whenever I can.

Egan: I am the third born. I am one year old. I can be found observing my brother and sister and trying to keep up with them. I am happiest outside, close to my mom or dad, and I am not a fan of being pushed around in a stroller. I am starting to use my vocabulary. I enjoy watching the birds and chickens. I also enjoy the dirt and am looking forward to getting into more things this summer. I am learning so much every day.

We hope we will inspire you. We hope you will inspire us. We can’t do any of this alone so please, join us on this path with your support, your well wishes, and your ideas. We’d love to hear your feedback or answer any questions you may have.

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